Predict through-life performance of components.
Speed up the time to mesh large structures.

BOXERgeom's uniqiue capability will allows through-life performance prediction of components.

Model natural processes such as corrosion, partculate build up, clogging and erosion. Use simulation data to deform and generate new geometry. This new geometry can be meshed and analysed to understand performance of a component when in service and not pristine, manufactured condition.

BOXER's meshing capability speeds up the time to mesh complex and large structures such as Oil platforms for wind loading and wave impact analysis.

Choke Valve Erosion Example

Choke Valve can be susceptible to sand erosion in the Oil and Gas industry.


BOXERgeom’s unique tool enables you to model erosion on the component. This capability can be used to create a digital twin, predict the in-service performance of the component, predict component life span. It can also be used for component design or to determine optimal operating conditions.


Valve Performance

Eroded geometry was generated using erosion rate data and then meshed for flow analysis. The software allows the user to predict component performance in-service after degradation has occurred.

Work Flow
Workflow in generating eroded models.