BOXERsolutions Ltd. provide and support advanced engineering simulation software leveraged off the research and development of its parent company, Cambridge Flow Solutions Ltd (CFS).

BOXERgeom’s Digital GeometryTM kernel supports voxel-based AI and Machine Learning and can help you Digitalize your workflow to support innovative design, Digital Twins & MRO and Design optimization freed from the constraints of BREP NURBS. Understand and mitigate in-service geometry degradation and wear, to better manage life and MRO costs.

Customers have been using our flagship product, BOXERmesh, for over 10 years to mesh their most complex systems and accelerate their simulation cycle.

In 2020, with BOXER 3.10, BOXERgeom was released offering a range of unique tools to understand in-service geometry degradation & wear using our innovative Digital GeometryTM model. We have just released BOXER 3.15 which extends the ability to do complex interaction between multivarious shape changing effects.

Bill Dawes who founded the company completed a PhD at Cambridge  and then worked for the UK’s Central Electricity Generating Board where he developed and applied early computer-based flow simulation methods to steam turbine operational problems. Returning to Cambridge in 1984 he continued to work on a range of numerical methods – by now called CFD - aimed at predicting fully 3D viscous flow in turbomachines.  His blade-to-blade RANS code (BT0B3d) became an industry standard design tool and was licenced to over 50 companies & organisations around the world. He then broadened the application base beyond blading to shroud flows, secondary air systems and blade cooling and then on to geometry itself as a research theme.  

For the last 20 years his research has drawn inspiration from advanced computer graphics and physics-based animation and attempted to enable seamless and tactile integration between solid modelling, mesh generation, geometry editing and flow simulation.  The resulting software & environment, BOXER, is being developed by Cambridge Flow Solutions Ltd (of which Bill is a Founding Director and Chairman). Bill is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and of the Royal Aeronautical Society and is a Chartered Engineer. Bill acts as Chief Technical Officer in CFS and actively contributes to code development in the company.

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