BOXERmesh is a fully parallel mesh generation program for creating body-fitted, CFD-style unstructured grids around complex 3D geometry, for use in standard commercial and open-source CFD solvers.

Fully automatic, parallel scalable, suitable for GigaCell meshes.

The software is completely parallelised, which means that all operations (e.g. geometry handling, meshing, body-fitted mesh export) benefit from access to parallel computing resource. Load-balancing is carried out regularly and also distinctly with respect to the different parallel requirements, for example octree cells vs polygonal geometry facets.

A faster way to mesh complex geometries
  • BOXERmesh is a mature product in use for over 10 years supporting demanding, time-critical applications in major industries.
  • Design & analyse complex geometries & systems on short timescales against hard deadlines.
  • Robustly handles dirty CAD; seamlessly merges geometries from multiple sources; scales over many cores to support large conjugate systems.
For Complex Geometry

Large number of surfaces/ parts.

Multi-scale geometry.

Non conformal surfaces/ geometry:

  • Holes and gaps
  • Intersections and missing pieces
No CAD clean-up required

BOXER is tolerant of geometry defects. Octree resolution specification determines whether a feature/ defect is captured. This also means that CAD engineers do not have to spend time de-featuring a model for mesh generation.

Import complex, multi-source CAD into a single domain

Multi-region, Conformal meshing

Able to create coupled CFD-FE meshes, for example in conjugate heat-transfer analysis.

Fluid and solid phases are meshed simultaneously and with conformal interfaces.

Integrate with your current CAD and CFD/FEA process

A wide range of native CAD formats are read directly into BOXER. Users can control the resolution of the imported CAD, including surface curvatures.

Mesh can be exported in a range of formats for use with preferred solver.

Supported file formats
CATIA .box
Creo Pro/E .cfd (CFD ++)
IGES, NX .cgns
Parasolid .msh (Fluent/ANSYS)
SolidWorks .uns/ .fvuns (Fieldview)
Solid Edge  
See BOXERmesh in action
Mesh refinement

Volume, surface or edge refinement for mesh can easily be defined by using geometry patches, shapes, radius of curvature and more.

Prismatic near-wall layers

Easily implement near wall layers in your mesh for studying boundary layer.

Sketching Entities

Use sketching primitives such as manual patches, polylines, shells and more to repair and augment an existing geometry.


Apply simple transforms to individual or group of geometry patches, or entire geometries.

The transforms can be translations, rotations or scaling. The transforms themselves can then be grouped to create more complex parametric transforms.


Journal files are generated through the GUI and easily edited. BOXER can be run in batch, or as part of an automated process.

Cartesian and cylindrical polar co-ordinate systems

Both methods support node and face matched periodic mesh boundaries.

Domain extrusion

Body-fitted mesh boundary faces can be extruded along cartesian directions at user-defined expansion rates, allowing the domain to be extended very efficiently.